Joondalup Festival 2018

When we were approached to project video on to nine shipping containers, stacked 3×3, we knew we were in for a treat.

Working with the City of Joondalup to provide audio and visual for the main stage, Austage Events Perth was tasked with building the canvas on which 20 years of arts and culture in Joondalup were celebrated.

Locking 20 tons of shipping container into place for the projection surface was the first piece of the puzzle. Once in place, two double-stacked Panasonic 20K projectors created an image that would let shine the vivid colours of the festival.

Special mention to Roly Skender of Frankensound who created the amazing video content for the evening, and all of the fantastic artists, performers, and volunteers who made the Joondalup Festival so magical. It was a joy to be a part of this great event for the City of Joondalup.

Photography courtesy of Adam Nalapraya and Mark Ash.

Date2018 LocationCentral Park, Joondalup TeamPerth ClientCity of Joondalup

Fireworks are launched from atop shipping containers as the Joondalup Festival crowd looks on.
The Kif Kif Sisters performing in front of 9 shipping containers. Each container is illuminated in a different colour with video projection.
The Community Choral Project prepare to perform The Music of Queen at the 2018 Joondalup Festival..
Aboriginal Australian group ONE TRiBE perform in front of a digital canvas with Aboriginal art projected onto shipping containers projection surface.

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