Our Sydney Team

Jayson De Abreu_Austage Events Sydney

Jayson De Abreu

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Jayson has been in the Audio-Visual Industry for over 20 years. Throughout Australia and across the Asia Pacific Region, there are not many premier venues that he has not worked in.

Starting as a junior technician in the first Austage warehouse on Mitchell Road Jayson has had the pleasure of witnessing and contributing to the Austage Events business as it grew from its early beginnings, to the national brand it is today. Jayson has literally lived and breathed live events for most of his life. Having been raised in and around the theatre industry as a child, watching his parents Joe and Colleen work across all the theatres in Sydney. From his family’s deep history in theatre and audio-visual events, Jayson has seen the technology shift from the days of Slide Projection and Graphic Sets through to the Ultra High Definition realm of projection and mapping we find ourselves in today. Supported by excellent teams of technicians (his brothers in arms) in each office across Australia, Jayson has the rewarding job of working with Australia’s leading minds in the Event Industry.

He is grateful and proud of the diligent work achieved by all Austage Events employees, maintaining the high standards set by his mentor and father Joe De Abreu. Jayson passionately supports Chelsea Football Club and loves his Holden V8s.

Shaun De Abreu_Austage Events Sydney

Shaun De Abreu
Finance Manager

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With his mother as a Lighting Operator and his father as the Head of Lighting at the Seymour Centre, Shaun and his other brother, Jayson, grew up back of house. They could always be found running amok on the catwalks during show time.

Shaun has been in the industry since leaving school so all he has ever known is the event life. His move into the Finance side of the company, was not only to diversify his personal acumen but also as a natural progression in the family business.

Shaun enjoys a bit of carpentry on his days off – “Something about making things appeals to me. Similar to creating great events for our clients, from just thoughts and ideas.”

Aaron Dart_Austage Events Sydney

Aaron Dart
General Manager

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Aaron has been in the Events industry since 2000 and remarkably still enjoys it. He had aspirations of being an electronic engineer but found the pull of Audio production and theatre work too strong. Whilst studying Sound Engineering at RMIT, he worked at the National Theatre in St Kilda as an Audio, Lighting, Stage Manager, Cleaner and part-time Usher. One long night whilst pouring coke on some slippery steps for added grip, he thought “this is the trade for me”.

Now, Aaron is the GM at Austage Events NSW. He has personally been the Technical Director for many large corporate clients throughout Australasia. While proficient at all things Audio Video, he still likes the quiet of putting up drapes and it is the thrill of a multi-projector blend with projection mapped custom content for a 2000pax dinner that he really looks forward to.

He also finds goats hilarious.

Alfred De Abreu_Austage Events Sydney

Alfred De Abreu
Operations Manager

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Family and Event life has long been intertwined for Alfred. Not only did he work with his older brother, Joe at the Seymour Centre on theatre and shows for as long as he could remember. It was inevitable that Alfred would be part of the Austage Events company, when Joe and Colleen co-founded it in 1994. From day one here, it’s Alfred’s job to make sure every event runs smoothly. It’s what the Operations Manager does, with Tony, our Logistics Manager. For him, it has always been about setting up the event, watching it all come together and knowing that our clients are satisfied.

The importance of family continues in Alfred’s home. He treasures down time with his 3 children and 3 grandchildren, all of which he keeps thoroughly entertained with nonstop Dad jokes. Alfred also enjoys poker and has quite the poker face, if you are game enough to challenge him.

Tony Bibby_Austage Events Sydney

Tony Bibby
Logistics Manager

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Tony, our Logistics Manager, along with Alfred, our Operations Managers, ensures the right staff, equipment and vehicles are exactly where they need to be, at the right time and all working to the best of their abilities.

With 10 years at Austage Events and 15 years in the Audio Visual and Event industry, Tony is the perfect person to be looking after your next event.

Outside of work, Tony can be found playing drums and percussion with a number of bands around the Sydney area, just ask him for a CD.

Our Perth Team

Brad Haines_Austage Events Perth

Brad Haines
General Manager

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Back in 1983, a younger Brad started out in the Audio-Visual industry, deciding early on, that this was the life for him. For the next 30 odd years, Brad has worked for and with many Western Australian AV companies and as a result, has a deep understanding of local and touring events.

Austage Events Perth was launched in 2004 by Brad and close friend, Joe De Abreu; Austage Events’ Founder. Brad’s role as the General Manager and Partner is not only to ensure Austage Events commitment to creating world class shows on the Western side of the country but most importantly that his team is happy and has the right tools & skills for the trade.

Besides launching Austage Events Perth, one of his career highlight was his involvement in the very first Satellite Video Conference ever held in Australia circa 1985. A first of its kind. They trained for weeks learning how to set up use what was state of the art equipment in those days. New innovative technology has always been a personal passion for Brad, which he carries through into the workplace. Ensuring we always have the latest and greatest in Audio-Visual Equipment.

In his spare time, Brad likes to spend time with his wife, 4-wheel driving, caravanning, beach fishing, swimming, flying his drone and Photography. .

Trent Payne_Austage Events Perth

Trent Payne
Sales & Technical Manager

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With over a decade of Audio-Visual experience, Trent joined the Austage Events’ family in 2014. Bringing with him, both a local and an overseas technical event management portfolio. Trent worked for many years in the UK event scene and is able to apply invaluable insights and learnings from the different market to what he does at Austage Events.

One of the things Trent enjoys the most about Events are diverse people that he gets to meet and work with. He got to rub shoulders with famous business billionaire philanthropist, Richard Branson, gigged with Pink Floyd and even worked at Cannes Film Festival. He’s never come across two shows that were the same.

When Trent is not in the office or on a show, he can often be found training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s been practicing this discipline for more than 15years and holds the rank of Black Belt.

Our Melbourne Team

Rod Marrison_Austage Events Melbourne

Rod Marrison
General Manager

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As an Audio / Electronic Engineer with more than 30 years in the business and the past 20 years dedicated to the AV industry, there are not too many event styles that Rod hasn’t technically produced, operated or both.

From multi-site broadcasts for major corporate brands, concerts in the round to discrete or world-famous fashion events.  Rod‘s pride and passion in delivering Audio and Vision systems into one coherent design is both evident in his management style and his team.

Since 2005 with the launch of Austage Events Melbourne, Rod has been instrumental in the company. As General Manager now, he believes wholeheartedly in creating beautiful events. He rallies his team with this one belief.

Outside of work, Rod enjoys time with his family and friends, home renovating and still loves mixing bands.

Matt Wilson
Senior Production Manager

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As a bright eyed 15 year old, Matt did the lights for his first school play. And from there, he has never looked back.

Now with a respectable audio visual career spanning 2 decades, Matt has worked on everything. Including annual general meetings, car launches to international sporting events with everything in between. Combining his vast knowledge and experience in production but also his cool and calm demeanour no matter what will deliver an amazing event every single time. Because of this, Matt is one of our clients’ favourites.

When Matt isn’t working, you can find him watching Richmond Tigers play, spending time with his family or trying to squeeze in a run.

Mike Rankin_Austage Events Melbourne

Mike Rankin
Senior Production Manager

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Mike brings with him, 12 years
of technical production experience, specialising in event problem solving. This is the guy, you want behind your vision control for any event. With a smile on his face, Mike makes the hardest things look effortless. His computer and CAD skills are among the best in the business, bringing some amazing designs and solutions to the table.

A career highlight so far for Mike has been the role of the Technical Production Manager for the Melbourne Fashion Festival for the past two years. In his downtime, Mike enjoys good wine, good food and good company.